Makeup Books

If you love make up and want something to last a lifetime then books never go out of fashion.

My most fascinating books in my collection are the Kevin Aucoin ones. He was a pure genius and very famously changes faces. See how he turns Lisa Marie Presley into Marilyn Monroe with his contouring skills, it's mind blowing.

Both books available from Amazon.

I really love a bit of history because without that we wouldn't have had any of the fabulous makeup trends over the years. Lisa Eldridge's book is a great one for the collection because she is a makeup artist we look up to and love. 

In this book, Lisa Eldridge dives into the history of the beautiful art form of makeup through the ages. She shows us the reasons behind the use of makeup and how new cutting-edge technologies have shaped products and techniques into what we know them to be today. 

Available on  Amazon  and at  Waterstones .

Available on Amazon and at Waterstones.

I am also loving Supermodel tips which is written by none other than our wonderful Carly Hobbs who we represent on our books at Creatives Agency. I am so proud of her, she is such a wonderful writer, makeup artist and general all round doll. 

If you want to know the beauty secrets behind supermodels such as Kate Moss, Giselle Bunchen or Cara Delevigne then you're going to love this book! It's crammed with insider tips and tricks on how these flawless beings always look amazing! If you want to learn about how they keep their makeup on point, stay fit and prepare for their supermodel duties then pick up this gem now!

Available on  ASOS , at  Urban Outfitters  and on  Amazon .

Available on ASOS, at Urban Outfitters and on Amazon.

Well done Carly, it's now pride of place on my bookshelf!

Cassie x

Pro Palettes

I love a good eye shadow palette, it just saves so much faffing about for me to have all my colours in one place.

I don't always have to have high end luxury eye-shadows because high street can be just as good and I am loving the British Beauty Bloggers collaboration with Makeup Revolution in her Fortune for the Brave palette. It has such a good range of shades and none of those pointless ones that you'll never use. I love it that much that I've added it to my student kits because it covers all bases. That's something I always find hard to find in a palette so hands up to this one!

£9.99 available at  Superdrug

£9.99 available at Superdrug

As an everyday palette I can highly recommend the Laura Mercier......

I love the soft shades and the pay off is just perfect. It provides for those who want a soft natural look and also has the darker tones to move into the evening without needing another palette. This is one my handbag can't live without.

£45 available at  Space.NK

£45 available at Space.NK

I really love the new range The Estée Edit. It's like a younger version of Estée Lauder with more one trend colours for the younger generation. One of my favourite pieces is the Kendal Jenner palette. It's a mix between day and glam for the girls who like a bit of glamour in their look. The packaging is so cute too, it adds fun into your makeup bag.

£36 available at Selfridges

£36 available at Selfridges

Top tip!

Pack on colour with Jamie, my flat stiff eye shadow brush or build up colour with Bowie, a soft blending brush.

Soften any edges using Sissy!

All available at


Cassie x

Weekend Glam

It's the weekend so time to get glammed up!

Here are some of my essentials......

Make up has to last the whole night when you're partying so a great foundation is essential. I am yet to find one that stays on the skin as well as oxygenetix. The staying power is incredible! I like to mix mine with the Nars liquid bronzer, another must have, for a glowy finish.

£26.50 available at  NARS

£26.50 available at NARS

Apply with a stiff but blendable brush- Roxie from my range gets it spot on!

£24 available from

£24 available from

Who doesn't love a bit of contouring- after all the weekend is when we look out best.

The Rodial Contouring Powder is lovely! The tones are quite flat which means you get a more believable contour and it gives definition in the right places. It's so hard getting the tone of a contour powder right but Rodial have mastered it.

£52.00 available at  Rodial

£52.00 available at Rodial

Lashes set off your eyes, whether they be natural or full on flutter.

I'm a big fan of Ardell Demi Wispies and the natural lash style too. Just make sure you trim them to size so they don't pull your eyes down. The shorter ends go on the inside of the eyes and they fan out to the longer ends on the outer corner. 

£3.49 available at  Superdrug

£3.49 available at Superdrug

Give your lashes a curl first. I have the B. Eyelash curlers which are great! After apply the lashes, then blend into your natural lash with mascara afterwards.

£3.32 available at  Superdrug

£3.32 available at Superdrug

I like lip colours that are easy to apply and low maintenance so I was so happy when the Rodial Lip Suede landed on my desk this week. The colour and texture are great, natural yet glam. It's a quick crayon and you're ready!

£22 available at  Rodial

£22 available at Rodial

A little insider tip to top off your look is the kryolan makeup fixing mist. Everyone wants a makeup that doesn't budge so this professional product is worth investing in. Spray at a distance over your face and it washes off easily with warm water.

£23.50 available at

£23.50 available at

Party hard and don't forget to wash it all away before bed time. My new must have is the B. Stubborn Makeup Remover available from Superdrug. It's great because it's gentle and doesn't leave a greasy residue. One wipe and you're fresh as a daisy.

£3.95 available at  Superdrug

£3.95 available at Superdrug

Cassie x

Pro Skills

I am so excited for this new course! Our bridal and occasional makeup course has been so popular and given so many opportunities for people to start their makeup career, it’s great to see. As you can image though, it’s very difficult to teach people all the skills needed to become a makeup artist in one week. That’s why I have now introduced our Pro Skills Course, as this is a perfect top up to the Bridal and Occasion Makeup. If you feel like you’ve nailed the ‘going out’ looks market and are doing ok with your bridal work but really want to push yourself forward into the fashion industry, then this course is for you!

Course Outline:

  • Etiquette
  • Role of the professional Make Up Artist
  • Period make up
  • E-commerce Make Up
  • Working to a brief
  • Darker Skin Tones
  • Contouring and highlighting – changing face shapes and eye shapes
  • Avant garde makeup looks
  • Blocking out eyebrows
  • Colour theory
  • Researching LFW
  • Trends in Make Up
  • Creating aspirational looks for advertising clients

Here are a few examples of my work that show skills we would cover on the course...

Photographer: hannah Furness  Model: Alana Henry from Nemesis Model Agency

Photographer: hannah Furness

Model: Alana Henry from Nemesis Model Agency

Photographer: Hannah Furness

Model: Tara Lilly from Nemesis Model Agency

To book your place call Cassie Lomas Makeup Academy on 0161 236 5567 or email us at

Cassie xx

LFW Wrap Up

London fashion week is a wrap and if like me you struggle to keep up, here are a few looks you definitely shouldn't miss 

Dark Lips caught everyone's attention this season starting with the 'Hole' created by Val garland.

I am a huge fan of Val's, in my eyes the queen of British makeup, so she is always my first go to to see what's hot on the catwalk. My favourite look from Val this show season was of course Gareth Pugh.


"Tense & Urgent: Francis Bacon's Head VI Painting." Val Garland. 

Val's look for the Preen show was also a definite standout and it shows that bare makeup does not need to be boring! Delicately placing pressed flowers on the the faces and bodies of the models created a look that completely innovated the spring flowers theme in an incredibly dreamy and whimsical way. Fresh dewy skin was again the base for this look using the colourful flowers as an embellishment. 


I am also a massive fan of Andrew Gallimore and you can always rely on him for edgy and eye catching looks that never fail to inspire.

I love the amazing dark lip look he created for Fyodor Golan. 

The metallic Cupid's bow sets this apart from the norm and shows Why Andrew is a creative genius. So simple yet so effective.

A lot of the shows this season focuses on bare skin, sheen and gloss. I've always been a fan of sheen, I just think it lifts everyone's complexion.

DESIGNER: Simone Rocha MUA: Sam Bryant HAIR: James Pecis

DESIGNER: Joseph MUA: Lynsey Alexander HAIR: Duffy

Make sure you invest in the MAC Prep & Prime+ to ensure you get that dewy fresh finish with a lasting glow. 

My favourite show for creativity was hands down the Sophia Webster show. Val Garland used graphic black liner to create distinct lines on the eyes in various shapes which ties in with the overall 60s theme of the collection.

“I love Dreamgirls” Webster told Refinery29. “I’ve watched it quite a few times. Then I was watching [Alfred Hithcock’s] The Birds randomly, and I thought that would be quite cool to merge that. And I was thinking of Birds of Paradise anyway, for colour and the plants. And then I got more into the' 60s and I thought it would be cool to do... Dolly Birds of Paradise!” 

An integral part of my makeup courses at CLMA is to teach students how to research the history of makeup. This shows how you can take inspiration from decades and really have fun taking it into 2017!

This throwback look for the Ryan Lo show by makeup artist Isamaya Ffrench is a perfect example of bringing era makeup into current fashion trends. She created a seamless merge between a China Doll and the Venetian Circus that brought together the overarching themes drawn from different cultural stylings. 

Here are some of my LFW kit essentials that will always see you through from start to finish

Embryolisse- all the models are pulled from pillar to post so need a lot of skin TLC. This moisturiser is the staple prouduct backstage for hydrating and priming without overloading the skin.

Your job doesn't stop at makeup- you're expected to help out in every stage so make sure you have your protector hood at the ready because the last thing any designer wants is a foundation stained neck line.

(Now Available to buy at the CLMA shop)

A Light coating of mascara is key for fashion week looks so get your fan brushes at the ready and paint away.

Spike brush is available at

That's my LFW Wrap Up! Comment with your favourite looks of this season.


Cassie x

Feel Good with my Top Tips for Lense Wearers!

I had a great filming with Feel Good Contacts. It’s such a great question, how do you adjust your makeup styles and techniques when wearing glasses or contact lenses?

Some of my top tips:

When wearing winged liner, make sure the edge of the wing ends within the frame of your glasses. 

Opt for a cream eyeshadow when wearing contact lenses to avoid powder spillage in the eyes 

When wearing coloured lenses, opt for an opposite coloured eyeshadow to really make them pop

Watch the full video below...


Vogue 100

Well it's definitely a celebration when everyone's favourite magazine has a special birthday so what better way than to make sure CLMA is featured?!

Vogue 100's Gala Dinner was full of the fashion set we love to admire and here are my faves!

Twiggy - the ultimate icon, still looking utterly fabulous and inspiring! I love her classic but cool look with effortless hair and makeup to match.

Daisy Lowe and Alexa Chung look like they're having so much fun! This is proof that a red lip just adds instant glamour and can be all you need for a statement look. 

Vogue favourites Sam McKnight and Charlotte Tilbury enjoying the celebrations and looking incredible with Kate. This team has such inspiring creativity and talent, I always love seeing their work on the covers of Vogue.

Kim Kardashian has well and truly found her place amongst the fashion lovelies and I always enjoy seeing what she's wearing. Kim definitely flies the flag for women around the world who love her and it's nice to see her break down so many barriers in the fashion world. 

Cassie x

Celebs are loving the Cassie Lomas Makeup Brushes!!

The launch of my brushes has been so exciting! They've so far been written about by Michelle Keegan on her Hello Magazine Blog and The British Beauty Blogger on her hugely successful blog too. I also have a few celebrity fans from Coleen Rooney to Jenny Frost and Cath Tyldesley from Coronation Street as well of course as my little sister Charley Webb from Emmerdale who has a selection of the brushes named after her and my gorgeous nephews Buster and Bowie. Check it out below and be sure to visit my shop!

Cassie x