Rodial Rose Gold Range

Rodial Rose Gold Skin Care

I really love Rodial skincare so I was thrilled to try their new Rose Gold range, what a lovely treat!

The serum is designed to reshape and rejuvenate. I don’t often feel instant benefits from any serums and they can be heavy on my skin but this was different to what I am used to. I could feel it tighten my skin as it dried in but it became weightless pretty much instantly. The two sensations did make me feel like my skin was lifted I have to say. 

I applied the rose gold moisturiser over the serum because my skin needs a lot of hydration and I like to layer my skincare.

The cream looks rich but it has quite a lightweight texture so it sinks into the skin without any residue which maintains that feeling of tightening the skin.

I am looking forward to seeing the effects over time as the ingredients continue to work their magic.

I expected quite a strong fragrance but it's lovely and subtle, giving a hint of freshness rather than being overpowering. It also looks like an ornament, the packaging is just so beautiful that you can’t help but want to show it off.

I think Rodial have got this spot on, yet again!

Rodial Rose Gold Serum £190

Rodial Rose Gold Serum £190

Rodial Rose Gold Moisturiser £200 

Rodial Rose Gold Moisturiser £200 

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