Cassie Lomas Makeup Academy: New Work

Cassie Lomas Makeup Academy

Shooting the annual Academy images is always the highlight of my year. It’s such a big thing for me to get right and I really like to try and create something relevant but exciting.

I usually do all the makeup myself but this year I wanted some of my amazing tutors Thembi and Beth to be involved too so it was a true representation of the school and all the styles we encompass. We used a selection of our graduates to assist too so they got to learn lots on the day. Thanks girls!

We really had an amazing team, all of whom we work closely with at the Academy. I want to say a huge thanks to Kayleigh Manock for styling, Reuben Wood Creatives for all their help with hair and to Karl Collins who shot the images for us and for letting us rain down a tonne of glitter in their studio! 

Cassie Lomas Makeup Academy BTS

I am so grateful to have such a talented bunch of people to help me. It was such a fun day! There really is nothing better when you’re passionate about what you do than having a day to just play and create. I can’t wait for you to see the final images, I really love them.

Each look represents a different course so that you can recognise what courses are coming up. I also shoot generic CLMA images that are to advertise the school as a whole both in London and Manchester.

For this shoot I decided I wanted to make something to go onto the face, like a piece of jewellery. I spent the day shopping for embellishments around local art shops, cutting up some old diamanté necklaces and sourcing a couple of special luxury trinkets too.

The little gold Manchester bees are from Liz at Rocks Handmade Jewellery on Etsy. Liz is based in Manchester and sells sterling silver, gold and rose gold dipped handmade jewellery. I love it because it’s delicate and boho, that’s just my style. Liz can also make custom orders too so do follow follow her on Insta @RocksByLiz

Manchester Bee £26

Manchester Bee £26

I don’t have all the images to show you at once but do keep your eyes peeled! For now, I hope you love our main CLMA shot! 

Cassie Lomas Makeup Academy BTS

For more information about the courses we are offering in 2018 at Cassie Lomas Makeup Academy head to the web site, or feel free leave a comment here and I'll come back to you. 

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas xx Cassie