Are Silicone Blenders worth the hype?

So I have to be honest, I was a bit dubious when I first saw the snatch blenders. I am not a huge fan of beauty blenders in the first place because they remind me of being 18 and training in makeup. We used to use sponges 20 years ago and all they did was soak up my expensive foundations!

Cut to yesterday when I got out my snatched silicone blenders to give them a go. They are literally brilliant! Way better than beauty blenders and the perfect accessory to my brushes when I need a different texture to blend. They press product into the skin so it looks flawless and there's no need to over blend, it just seems to happen in a couple of dabs and are super easy to clean. They're a bit like using your fingers. I am sold! They are staying firmly in my kit from now on, of course alongside my irreplaceable brush collection.