Best Fake Tan Products - Featured on ITVs This Morning

I had a great time last week on This Morning with Ruth and Rylan talking about the best fake tan products on the market and the added extras you now get included when you choose to self tan.

You may wonder how I’m a tan expert when I do makeup but as I always say there is so much more to being a makeup artist than just applying makeup. In my 20 years I have tanned more celebs than I care to remember, backstage, pre flight, on shoots, you name it I’ve done it. You have to be able to do it all in this job.

In case you missed it here are a few of the best fake tan products we mentioned and some of my personal faves!

I just want to start with pre tan as I didn’t get chance to chat about the Alpha H Gold Luxe Resurfacing Body Cloths. These are for before you use your tan and they exfoliate and smooth skin to prep you for a long lasting colour.
One side of the wipe is bumpy and that’s the side you use to freshen up the skins surface. The other side is soft and enriched with aloe Vera to hydrate your skin and get it ready for your colour application. They can also take off excess tan or any mistakes!

Next a product with additional benefits, Skinny Tan. 

Now this tans whilst having the added bonus of firming the skin and getting rid of our least favourite friend, cellulite! Why would you not want that? Regular use of one tan may as well have alternative benefits and skin toning is certainly one that I would welcome.

If like me you are constantly time poor and sometimes a speedy beauty application is the answer I find the Solait Wipes are great for me. You literally wipe your tan on as you would wipe your makeup off. They are fast and you get 25 wipes in a pack. I use them to top up a tan on any areas like the hands and face mid week when it’s fading. Another plus, they’re suitable for vegans!
Normally £2.99 available at Superdrug but as writing this post on an amazing £1.95 per pack deal.

James Read Coconut Melting Gradual Tanning Balm. Now this is luxury! I briefly chatted about it on the show but without actually smelling it yourself I can’t do it justice. It is really rich, almost like coconut oil and with the exact smell. You don’t need to moisturise before you use this so it saves time and product use. It’s clear so won’t stain your sheets either.

If you don’t like to wait for your tan to develop then an instant is always good.
I’ve used Sally Hansen airbrush legs for years and I love it. I like to use the spray and apply it to a mitt first then run it onto the skin rather than spraying it directly on the body.

The St Moriz Ultra Finish instant tan  sets quickly and leaves your skin an airbrushed matte bronze. It has a nice smell which is a bonus and comes with a sponge applicator. It covers the skins imperfections as a foundation would on your face.

I really like Ameliorate Transforming Body Lotion with A Hint of Colour  because it is DERMATOLOGICAL SKINCARE for Bumpy Skin, Very Dry Skin, Dehydrated Skin, Rough Skin or those who suffer from Ingrowing hairs. You can apply it twice a day for 4 weeks as a starter to get skin feeling smooth. Once you see the improvement you can apply daily to maintain skin’s condition. I like to call it a medical tan because it fixed your skin and gives you that bit of colour at the same time. It also contains glycol acid ingredients which encourage natural exfoliation.

Ameliorate Transforming Body Lotion £22.50

Ameliorate Transforming Body Lotion £22.50

So you now have my tips for the best fake tan products out there, but to make sure you get the best results always follow my golden (tan) rules:

  1. Pre prep the body by doing any hair removal or exfoliation the day before
  2. Apply moisturiser to your feet, hands, elbows and knees or any dry areas first
  3. If you have really light hair then use a moisturiser in the hairline and brows to stop them grabbing the tan
  4. Use a Vaseline over nails and cuticles
  5. Always use a mitt to apply your tan
  6. Only use the excess left on the mitt to do your hands and feet so you don’t over apply
  7. Moisturise daily to keep your tan lasting longer
  8. For instant tan you can add a measure of body lotion or oil to help it blend into the skin, but again always use a mitt
  9. Don’t use a body oil over your tan as it will seperate
  10. If you are nervous about tanning always choose one that has a colour guide so you can see it as you apply.


And if you missed it and want to see my full segment on This Morning CLICK HERE to watch xx