Festival Makeup

Yesssss it’s that time of year when the sun starts making a regular appearance, music is uplifting and we go all out celebrating it. It’s festival time and its time to think about the different things you can do with your festival makeup!

This is the perfect excuse to really go for it with festival makeup and have fun. Now that doesn’t mean we have to pile on more foundation, exaggerate the contour and double up on lashes. Nope! The last think you need after a long day dancing is a patchy face and lashes peeling off so let’s simplify it but still make an impact.

A little bit of glitz makes your look stand out so take a trip to your local craft shop and see what embellishments you can buy to stick on your face. I also really like nail artists websites to pick up different gems and accessories. The scattered stars always work and are so easy. You literally just sprinkle them onto a dewy skin and they stick.

Festival Makeup

I recently did this shoot where we had a bit of Bowie inspiration and wanted to create looks that were drawn onto the face without much makeup at all.

The red and green flames I used a stencil to get the shape first and painted on a colour and quickly pressed over the glitter. No glue needed for a shoot but for a festival you may want a but of a longer hold so I would go for eyelash glue and I really like the duo Latex free because it dries quicker and holds better.

The star I used a selection of tapes and cut them to shape and glued carefully into place. I love the gold hexagonal sequins we used to give a kind of movement to the look. They look great sprinkled on the skin for both the face and body. If you moisturise the body first they’ll stick to your skin.

Festival Makeup
Festival Makeup

If you want a bit more of a polished look then going for a dramatic eye and sticking on gold leaf can also look cool. I did this in China last week on Rita Ora and it’s great because when you photograph it the light really picks up the metallic and makes it stand out.

Festival Makeup Rita Ora

To achieve the best Festival Makeup my top tips are….

  • Use less foundation when you’re going for an outdoor or avante garde look.
  • It always looks better if you pick one feature to define, so either the eyes, lips or embellishments on the skin, not all of them!
  • Glue everything into place so it lasts the duration.
  • Make sure all your products are water resistant and can withstand the all Night dancing!