London Makeup School

I am so excited I could explode! We now have a London Makeup School.

I’ve worked and lived in London for coming up to 20 years now. I spent so much time there building my career and it wasn’t until I met my husband and started my family that I began to split my time between Manchester and London.

Opening the makeup academy in Manchester was perfect for my timing and I love what we have built but it seems stupid for me not to be teaching makeup in the area I actually work, London. That’s why I am so pleased we now have the makeup courses planned and ready to be booked for the London in June and October!

I have written a course specifically for London, to get people started in a makeup career as quickly as possible. We have a huge network of contacts there and our events team up north often travel to take work opportunities so having a new team in London is a no brainier.

London Makeup School

We have been so successful launching so many amazing and inspirational careers through CLMA in Manchester that we are now ready to do it all again in London. With my hair and makeup agency Creatives also being London based it’s a great goal for the artists to work towards being on the books.

The Fashion Express course I have designed is a brilliant course. The content contains all those skills that you need to be able to create fashion looks for photography, events and celeb makeup.
The two weeks are intense but so rewarding and will leave you wanting more.
We will also end the two weeks with the opportunity to add a portfolio shoot with a professional photographer and models. A great start to building your portfolio!


If you’re wondering why I don’t have the 2 week Fashion Express at the Manchester makeup academy, it’s because I have broken it down into two parts.

The Beauty Makeup for Beginners followed by Pro Skills course will give you the content that the Fashion Express does and you can do the weeks separately or together.

It is always easier to chat to potential students about what courses are right for them because choosing the right course and school can be overwhelming.
With a few questions and getting to know you we can always point you in the direction of what is right for you.

Having trained hundreds of artists you can be sure you’re in the best hands with us.

So hurry up June because London has some hungry new makeup artists coming their way!

For all the full course outline click here