Friday Favourite : Katherine Daniels

Katherine Daniels Nurturing Night Balm £38.45

Katherine Daniels Nurturing Night Balm £38.45

I have what I’d call a normal skin type but it takes a lot of hydration for it not to feel tight so I’m always looking for new tonics to soften it.

I was really excited when the Katherine Daniels nurturing night balm landed on my desk because I am a big fan of their products.

The balm is designed to use as a night mask. It comes out of the pump looking a bit like a serum and you lightly massage onto the skin. It slowly melts and turns into an oil texture. I apply quite a good layer but I think a very light layer would work for a daily wear if needed.

Overnight the balm soaked into my skin and I noticed it feeling not only softer but plumper. After use I don’t need my usual rich moisturiser in the morning which is great too because I prefer using a lighter one sometime, my makeup sits better on it.

An added bonus is the heady scent which is designed to aid restful sleep. A beauty product that doubles up as a calming tonic for bedtime is what I call perfect!

I’m adding this to my luxury list- I love it!