New Website

Cassie Lomas

Well, welcome to my new site!

I wanted to have an outlet, other than social media, to talk about stuff. Not just makeup because that can sometimes be over exposed but all the other things that go into our daily life and incorporate looking good and feeling good. Everything from family, friends, products, tips, diet, insider info, fashion, trends, skincare, newest must haves on the block and a whole lot more.

I would love to hear from you if you want me to cover any topics of interest so please subscribe and email us on

I am here to help, so please do use me as your guide and guru!

I have loads of things I can’t wait to tell you all about so stay tuned for my posts.

I will also be keeping you up to date on the crazy world of being a Celebrity and Fashion Makeup Artist and a little bit of my daily diary.

Look forward to seeing you regularly on the site and hope you enjoy your read.