Cannes Film Festival

Red carpet makeup is mesmerising. I could look at it all day. Just seeing women look so beautiful and dissecting how it's been done facinates me.

Cannes Film Festival is the time when the ladies love to pull out all the stops, with fabulous gowns and understated classic beauty looks.

I always love the young girls because secretly I want to be one, ha! They just pull off effortless so well.

Bella Hadid Cannes Film Festival
Emily Ratajkowski Cannes Film Festival

My favourites at the moment are Bella Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski. Both just stunning. Their makeup always looks so simple but effective and that's a balance that is so important to achieve when doing makeup.

You generally have to put a bit more makeup on for red carpet because it's absorbed by all the lights but it's important to look like it's barely there.

Keeping the skin glowy is my favourite way to go. A facial oil applied over a serum gives a really nice prepped skin before you start.

The key is to leave it to soak in before applying your makeup on top and only just powder in the t-zone to set anything that may move or display oiliness.


My Facial oil recommendation as to be Caudalie Divine Oil. I love it because its such a 'multi-tasker' that you can use on your face, your hair, your bath or for massages, perfect. 

Caudalie Divine Oil £28

Caudalie Divine Oil £28