Media & Fashion Makeup with Hairstyling: The Big Boy!

I have so many people who come to me with the dream of being a makeup artist.

They know I can help make their dreams come true. Not just me but the team and academy that we have worked so hard to build. There isn't a day goes by when we don't try our hardest to make sure that what we teach is the best and the opportunities we offer will help the students grow. We are constantly evolving to keep our courses fresh, exciting and relevant to the industry and what is currently happening.

Whenever anyone wants to keep their options open I always know the Media and Fashion makeup course with Hairstyling is the one for them. It gives all the skills we are able to teach; it's our ultimate course.

We are a Fashion makeup school. We teach people who want careers that mirror mine. I have been lucky enough to be able to work on London Fashion Week, Advertising Campains, Editorials, Music Videos, TV shows, Red Carpet and the list goes on.

Although I do makeup I have to also do hair for some clients and without those skills I wouldn't have got where I am today. Not all clients have the budget or time for two artists because hair can be so simple that it needs a little bit of TLC and having a makeup artist that can do it makes the day flow better. That's why it's so important to have hair skills and why we include them on this course. 

9 weeks isn't a long time to learn to be a makeup artist but yes the quickest time we can do it in. This allows you to get on with your career and start earning back some of your investment.

If you are looking at our media course it only runs once a year and the next one is starting on June 12th!

We have been so lucky to now be approved for the PCDL loans. This means you can take a loan of which the government pay the interest on whilst you learn, and for one month after the course finishes. The applications are open now so be quick if you want to apply.



I always suggest when you are making such an important decision on your life that you need to make sure it's the right one. That's why we invite everyone into the academy to see how we work and if they think it's the right place for them to learn. I know I'm not there all the time but I'm always at the other end of the phone if anyone has questions or needs any advice!