The History of Makeup

A fun week at work!

I have been teaching this week on the Finishing School at my academy. This course is for makeup artists who want to come and have a refresher and learn new skills in business, marketing themselves and of course makeup. We did a day this week on the history of makeup, looking at eras and choosing a decade to inspire us to create a look that has a creative edge. My demo was inspired by the sixties.

Finishing School Cassie Lomas Makeup Academy

Here is a snapshot of the eye to show how we can merge old and new. The style is old, the textures are new and the colours are all clashing which gives the effect of a look that really works.

I used the Kiko and Inglot cream eyeshadows and the Kiko coloured mascaras.

Avante garde can be as simple as a slick of colour on the lid but simplifying it helps you to come up with a look that you are happy with.