Getting Some Work/Life Balance

Cassie Lomas Makeup Artist

I find it so difficult getting the balance between work and home life. I think when you have such a passion for your job it's hard to stop because it becomes your hobby. 

But, my kids are on half term so it's time for brushes to be put down, laptop off and a few days of fun with the family.

We have a place in North Wales where we escape to whenever we can. It's handy because I can get the train from London direct if I'm working there and I can pop off back to the academy in Manchester if I need to. Like this week, I have to teach a day for a course that is only a week long, so I can take a day out of my hols without it being any trouble and pop back to my students to make sure they're on track and of course oozing talent.

I just wanted to write a little bit about my day with the kids because we loved it so much. We have been coming to Conwy for a few years and I am a bit embarrassed to say that today is the first day I actually went in the Castle.

I didn't realise you could actually look around it and I don't know why, I just got so engrossed in how beautiful it was on the outside that I never thought about the inside. Anyway I took the kids today for a little trip and it was amazing. The views from the castle are as spectacular as the views of the castle. In all the years I have been travelling and all the places I have seen in the world, this is my favourite place.

I really think holidaying in England is as amazing as going abroad so I would definitely recommend Conwy and a tour of its beautiful castle. It cost under £15 for me and the two children and they had a great little clue hunt to keep the kids interested, although to be honest they loved it so much they didn't want to leave. I thought they would be bored but they wanted to explore every little passageway and climb every turret. It doubles up as a nice little workout!

There is obviously so much more than the castle to explore in Conwy so we will continue our holiday fun all week. If you get chance for a visit I really think it's worth the journey.

When you have done there, make sure you head down to the Marina and have a well deserved Gin & Tonic at the Mulberry whilst the kids play on the pirate ship. 

Happy holidays and I hope you've had fun this half term!

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