Brush of the week

I've gone a bit brush crazy since I brought my brush range out and I have sooooo many!

I love them all of course but I feel like some of them are just amazing and I need to shout about it!

Roxie is my foundation brush! It's the softest brush I think I've ever felt and it's synthetic so great for my wet products.

It is a two in one because it applies and blends products at the same time. I hate seeing makeup artists with a flat and fluffy brush in their hand at the same time trying to blend a base, it's so uneccesary.

Listen up, you need a Roxie!

It's also a perfect finishing brush to soften the makeup together at the end.

Time savers and multi taskers are the key to a happy client. Give it a go, you will love it!

Cassie Lomas Range 'Roxie' Brush £24

Cassie Lomas Range 'Roxie' Brush £24

Have you tried my brushes yet? which is your favourite. Don't forget to leave your comments and subscribe