The 5:2 Diet

5:2 Diet

I have been roped into trying out the 5:2 diet and it's actually really easy to follow.

You eat normally all week and choose two days a week to fast and your allowance on those days totals 500 calories. You have lo leave a day in between each fast day so I have chosen Monday and Wednesday. I try to be chilled out with my dieting because for me it's more maintenance than trying to lose weight.

Of course i'd love to be much thinner but I like enjoying life so unless I have a holiday coming up I just try to be healthy and maintain my natural size.

I enjoy the fasting days mainly because this stops me picking unnecessarily and reminds me how much I eat when I'm bored as opposed to hungry. It's so funny how much I find I pick if I'm at home or travelling just because I am sat still. This makes me more mindful about what I am preparing to eat and how healthy it is.

I find the key to being successful in any healthy eating regime is to be organised. Prep your food the night before when you have time to think and plan the whole day. Eating on the go is a recipe for failure.