Brush of the week 'Hubby'

Cassie Lomas 'Hubby' Brush £18

Cassie Lomas 'Hubby' Brush £18

My brush of the week is Hubby in honour of my gorgeous Husband and in time for Father's Day. The hubby brush may look like a foundation brush but this is a smaller than average foundation brush or bigger than average concealer brush. Another multi tasker in the Cassie Lomas range.

If you look at the size of your concealer brush and the size of the area you are concealing that should tell you whether you're using the right brush or not. It's the norm now for women to highlight a v shape under the eye with concealer so why not use a brush that will cover that area much quicker. I'm always one for time saving tips and this is one of my biggest ones at work. I just don't have time to use a small brush, particularly if I'm doing a look that involves highlighting and contouring the face, it takes too long.

Now you may ask why I don't just use a generic flat foundation brush and it's because they are too thick and full. You lose control of the application. There is always method in my design process that makes sense for saving time and energy.

So next time you need a concealer/base/highlighting brush then you may just want to look at hubby. Available to order now 

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