Red Carpet Masterclass

Cassie Lomas Red Carpet Masterclass

We like to hold masterclasses for all our graduates at CLMA so they have the opportunity to come back to the academy, learn new tips and be inspired.

This week we covered Red Carpet makeup incorporating all my new products for B. Makeup. I use them every day on myself and jobs so I wanted to be able to show everyone how amazing they are for your kit.

We did a lot of skin prep, starting with a face mask. This really helps skin look it's best. We went for a glowy skin but instead of using radiant foundations and lots of heavy illuminator I used the skincare to geta beautiful glow under the makeup.

I love mixing my own base with foundations. Each one gives different finishes so combining them I can really get what I need. I wanted matte textures so they dry into the skin without the need for powdering. 

We used the matte skin tint from nars, oil free from hourglass and Armani luminous silk watered down with my sheer illuminator to get a light consistency. This is one of my favourite combinations for great skin at the moment.

I think highlighting natural beauty works perfectly on the red carpet so we did a light wash of my #itsthem pigment over the lower lid and left the rest of the eye bare. Having a wispy lash just sets this look off so I used the demi wispy from ardell and put some extra in fills in where needed.

I contoured really lightly so it was subtle first using my liquid lip just on the cheeks in all about me. Then using my whipped bronzer I added more definition. I love this product and everyone keeps telling me they love it too, which is great! It seems to be taking over everyone's makeup bag!

It can be used all over the skin or as a definition, it's up to you. For this we used it in the hollows of the cheeks, under the jaw line and around the temple area. I always do a subtle bit of contouring for red carpet because the flashes work well with the makeup to bring out natural bone structure.

I am all about sheen to make someone look radiant so teaming the sheen on the eyelid with a sheen on the cheek is perfect. I applied my sheer illuminator mixed in with my 'shine on' pigment onto the cheekbones. If you mix them together on the back of your hand you get a cream highlighter and you can gently apply with a brush and use your fingers or a beauty blender to pat into place.

I couldn't do a red carpet makeup without my red liquid lip! This colour is just beautiful. It's an orangey red and it reminds me of all the 90's supermodels. The matte liquid lips don't have to be matte though. I went over the top with the Mac lip glass for a really high shine.

Spritz over the makeup with the B. Setting spray and you're ready to go!