Kids & Makeup; Youtube a step too far?

Kids Makeup Trend

I well and truly had my eyes opened about the extent of YouTube tutorials by my 5 year old! Thanks Elkie!

I couldn't believe it when I watched a shimmer and shine makeup tutorial by two young girls, helped by their mum. They created two current looks and were showing all the products, the colours they used, where to put them and what to use to blend. It was like watching one of the makeup tutorial influencers not two young girls! 

I really still can't decide what my reaction is. How are children so affected by this online world and YouTube at such a young age? It's scary what they're picking up and how quickly they are growing up. They're starting work basically whilst they're still in primary school.

On one hand it's so cute, and clever that they can be so savvy so young. On the other hand it's also sad because I'd much prefer them to be riding bikes and playing with toys than worrying about how many likes or followers they have.

Well, I am sure I'll be experiencing my little ones doing it soon too! Spike already asks all the time if he can do videos but I'm not sure that 7 is quite old enough yet. 

I know I'm behind the times but I want them to have a worry less childhood! I'll stay with Elkie playing with the odd lipstick for now. But we'll see how long it lasts because they both have me wrapped around their little fingers!

Let me know what you think?

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