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I've been training makeup artists now for over 7 years and the hard work doesn't stop when your course finishes, in fact it just begins. It was always my dream to have a school because I struggled so much in the beginning of my career and had nowhere to turn for help, advice or support.

That's what we do differently at CLMA. We really open up our expertise and support to all our graduates so they can climb the ladder to success without making all the mistakes I did, and much quicker, and we've been hugely successful in doing that.

So much so that 2 years ago I opened my own Hair and Makeup agency. We pick the best talent and represent them as Artists in the industry. We find them work and manage their diaries and online portfolios to help build their careers and client base.

The majority of our creatives I have trained, with exception of a couple who have been with me from the start of the academy and have been trainers for me.

We are a really close, tight knit family and Sophie my best friend is the agency Mum who holds us all together and runs our day to day lives. As an agency we work incredibly hard to maintain the highest standard of artist with impeccable skills and etiquette. We are friendly, approachable and will work to any clients needs. No job is too big or too small.

For me both the academy and agency go hand in hand. They compliment each other perfectly because we offer the training and then hand pick the best talent to nurture their careers and help them flourish.

For emerging graduates who have excelled on their courses we offer work opportunities on 3 levels.

  1. The academy Events Team. Students do work experience and jobs to integrate them into the industry and to build contacts. 
  2. The New Talent section of Creatives is for emerging talent that is growing and evolving and really finding their strengths in the industry. They cover exciting work opportunities in the fashion industry and are constantly building their portfolio in order to move up to Creatives.
  3. We then have the main board at Creatives. Here we represent the best talent. These are artists we have worked with for many years and trust to be excellent. We are a team who have the same goals, loyalty, work ethic and passion. It takes so much more than doing a nice makeup to be a great makeup artist.

That's what we provide.

We are the 'so much more'. 


For more of our Creatives work head to 

Most of our CLMA tutors are Creatives and so you can see that with the academy you are learning from the best. Having a strong team makes us the best and you never know, maybe one day you'll be part of that team!

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