Shades of Beauty Dinner

Shades of Beauty Dinner

Last week I got to celebrate the 1st year of the #shadesofbeauty campaign with Superdrug at a dinner they hosted at the Ivy in London. What a treat!

The shades of beauty campaign was launched last year to highlight and address the issue of there being limited shades available on the high street particularly for deeper skin tones, and the need to make black and Asian skin and hair products more accessible and affordable on the high street. TV presenter June Sarong, the official Shades of Beauty Ambassador, will help Superdrug raise awareness of the Shades of Beauty journey with the aim of making a real step change for women of colour in the UK.

June Sarong Shades of Beauty
As a black woman I know how hard it is to find affordable beauty products. I can’t wait to get going and be the voice for black women and I’m delighted that Superdrug is listening to customers and is going to help make a real change
— June Sarpong

There is a huge focus from cosmetic companies on the biggest selling shades instead of offering the full range. Superdrug is pushing all their suppliers to expand the shade range they sell so it caters for everyone. The goal is to increase the shade range available, mainly for women of colour, because so far it has been really lacking. The darker shades do exist in most brands ranges but just aren't available in store in the U.K. America has extensive shade ranges so why don't we? So I'm so glad Superdrug is working hard to get their suppliers to make changes and offer the full ranges online and/or in store.

As a makeup artist I need shades for everyone and I've always struggled getting them anywhere else but Mac and any new makeup artists starting out rely on the high street to build their kits so it's great to see the changes happening. 

The spectrum available for women of colour is still nowhere near extensive enough but it is noticeably expanding after 1 year of the campaign. I hope by this time next year we are celebrating an even bigger increase in availability.

Thankfully B. (Superdrugs own brand) have introduced a range of shades to suit a variety of skintones. I hope women can find thier perfect shade in the range. If you need a new foundation then head into the superdrug stores to choose the shade that's perfect for you, you may just find if it hasn't previously been there, it is now. 

I'm looking forward to seeing the success of the shades of beauty campaign in year 2!

Cassie Lomas Shades of Beauty


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