New Year, New You!

So it's that time when we start to reevaluate our lives and change for the better. So what have we all got in store for 2018?

Every year recently mine are the same. To spend more time focusing on myself. Being happy, healthy and having a manageable work/life balance. That's easier said than done but baby steps do work and already 2017 saw me make lots of great changes. I'm a positive thinker and a doer and I firmly believe you can achieve whatever you want in life. So I am getting started again for even more improvements this year.

Being a working Mum is especially hard. I’m currently writing from bed because Elkie and I have both been struck down with the dreaded annual dose of something rubbish. Chest infection seems to be whats lingering for us. It doesn’t make it any better knowing that the lack of looking after myself has probably contributed somewhat. 

So thats it! The diet starts today, the gym starts as soon as I’m well enough and the planning of how my year should unravel is underway. But first rearranging my week so I can stay at home with Elkie until she’s well enough to go back to school is the priority.  I’m lucky that being self employed and my own boss means I have the luxury of choosing when I want to work. Luckily I have no students in this week! There really are so many great parts of my job and whilst freelancing is sometimes hard, it can also work in your favour at times like this.

So the food thing. Well, I received the loveliest gift from a lovely friend of mine. 

Beauty Chef.JPG

It has the most amazing recipes in there which fit in so well with my way of eating. My body works best with low carbs and no gluten. The recipes are full of fresh ingredients, tasty alternatives to protein packed meals to make them a bit more interesting and the best bit about it is that your skin really benefits too. Hence the name.

You are what you eat as the saying goes and christmas pud I intend to be no more!

I've also invested in some Macha tea. I was introduced to this a while ago but started on the 1st of Jan. It's a metabolic booster so will help with my post Christmas changes. It is also boosts your energy and focus as it has slow releasing caffeine to avoid those slumps when the coffee wares off. The main thing for me are the anti oxidants you get from it. They basically clean up and protect our cells and this tea is bursting with them. I am starting with one in the morning and I’ll see how I go.

So those are my baby steps for this week. Getting well, starting to fill my diet with fruit and veg and drinking less coffee and more matcha. Its a slow start but as they say its not about the quick fixes but the lasting changes we make to our lifestyle. Next week I’ll think about the exercise and any extensions of my changes outside of the house. I’ll keep you posted on anything worth knowing about that I come across.

Heres to a happy and healthy 2018 to you all!

I’d love to hear what your resolutions are so feel free to comment below or on my social channels. Lets support each other!