2018 at Cassie Lomas Makeup Academy

Cassie Lomas Makeup Artist

So the new year is well and truly underway at CLMA. 

I've loved teaching the new Bridal & Occasional makeup students. We have doubled the course time and I am so pleased. The difference in the skill of the artists was incredible, well worth the extra commitment. I’m excited to hear the feedback from them and how it all goes starting their new career paths.

Bridal and Occasion Makeup Cassie Lomas Makeup Academy
Bridal and Occasion Makeup Cassie Lomas Makeup Academy

Next up it’s the Ultimate Pro Makeup Artistry course which starts on Monday. This is going to be amazing.
We have changed what was the Media course into an extended Pro course. There are 3 extra weeks of learning so imagine everything we can fit into that time. It’s going to be a game changer for how confident the artists feel upon leaving and all the extra skills we will be able to equip them with.
More importantly the kits have been reviewed and expanded! Always great news to know you’ll be receiving more makeup and brushes! It was like Christmas Day when the bridal students went through their kits, I was so jealous I wasn't getting one!

Bridal Makeup Kit 2018 

Bridal Makeup Kit 2018 


The London course, Fashion Express, has also been expanded so we can start building careers in our London school too. It’s still more intensive than the course in Manchester but I think having 4 weeks will be just the right amount of time to teach all the skills you need to cater purely for the Fashion industry.
We are just securing our pop up venue so details will be launched soon.

Some of our Graduates have so far been busy on the events team his year having worked for the NTA’s, British Soap Awards and TV Choice awards to name but a few. 
Check out our testimonials to see what you could be a part of if you join us at CLMA. 

Cassie Lomas Make-Up Academy is the right place for getting a foot in the world of makeup artistry.
You will find excellent and amazing tutors who give their time and their invaluable experience for training you as a pro.
CLMA is a vibrant environment where you can learn and express your creativity. In 6 weeks you’ll be challenged, you’ll work hard, understanding how hard is the world of the makeup industry, whereas you’ll learn skills that will be precious once you’ll start your career.
Because Cassie and her team believe in creating and nurturing new talents.
As such, CLMA is the best place in Manchester for learning this marvelous art.
— Alessandra Muroni - Fashion 2017
Deciding to take a new direction in life can be very daunting. At the age of 43 i wanted to change my life, follow my dreams and become the best Makeup Artist i could be. Thats were CLMA come in. The diversity, quality, professionalism and creativness of the CLMA tutor/office family is second to none. Passion, etiquette, nurturing, guidance, encouragement, support, fun and laughter are just some of the words synonymous with Cassie’s Training Academy and this does not stop once your course finishes. I am being provided with fantastic opportunities which truely encourage me to succeed. You are never to old to change your life.
— Sarah Whalley - Media, Fashion & Hairstyling 2017
How can I put it into words... CLMA changed my life. Cassie and her team gave me the confidence and also the skills necessary to become a industry artist, and I can’t possibly thank them enough! The atmosphere is extremely inviting, but with enough professionalism at the same time. And the continued support from the academy even after you graduate your course has been incredible. I pop in for a catch up or tips or even some encouragement and I always feel welcome. I couldn’t have found a better place to start my career as a makeup artist!
— Heather Masson - Media, Fashion & Hairstyling 2016