Ageless Beauty with B. Makeup

I’m always so busy shooting but I love it when I get to do lots of filming projects especially giving makeup tips and tricks. I think it’s the teacher in me, I could talk about makeup for hours. I recently spent the day with B. Makeup for Ageless Beauty which focused on creating effortless looks for the more mature woman!

With the amount of makeup content and tutorials available to view on YouTube and Instagram, the social media generation have a huge catalogue of tips and trends at their disposal but it’s not always aimed at mature skin. I still hear many women saying that they don't have a clue about makeup and how to apply it and that’s because we aren’t actually taught growing up how to do it. We learn from Mums but they’re quick to say they haven’t even got a clue. 

I spent the day creating simple, effortless looks with two beautiful models and the B. Makeup range to answer these questions and to show how easy it is to create these looks at any age. I really hope you enjoy these tutorials as I loved filming them! Show them to Aunties, Mums, Grandmas and any of your work colleagues who may not be aware of the just how many videos there are online to help them with their Makeup routine!

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