I just spent the weekend in Cannes on a little break my husband booked for me as a birthday present. We have been renovating our house for the last 6 months so we’ve been pushing this trip back since January and finally decided we needed a break and had to go.

I’m always so last minute, I can only seem to work one day in advance at the moment so the evening before our flight we scoured all the usual travel apps to find somewhere to stay.

We found a gorgeous little hotel called Okko. It was so cheap to stay that I was nervous as to whether it would be ok but it turned out to be the best choice. It was modern and minimal, exactly how I like it. My husband loves his breakfast in the morning when we stay at hotels so it was good that it was included in the price and there was a lovely terrace on the roof where you could eat and enjoy watching the town go by. We were very pleased to be told that we could just help ourselves to coffee and cold drinks throughout the day free of charge and in the evening they prepared aperitifs for everyone to enjoy with a glass of wine, again all complimentary. I can’t recommend it highly enough and it was literally in the middle of Cannes right next to the train station so the location was perfect for transport links, shopping, restaurants and the beach.

I always pack light so I had to whittle my makeup bag right down. All I took for my skin was some nars concealer and my whipped bronzer. When you have the sun try and avoid masking your skin.



I can’t believe we chose the weekend of the Festival and the World Cup, the place was buzzing all weekend with fireworks, a stage in the sea and people just living life. We watched the fireworks from a Furness villa overlooking the whole of Cannes it was stunning.


One of my favourite parts was a bike ride down the coast with my hubby, taking in the views and getting a bit of exercise too. It’s pretty flat so it wasn’t too hardcore and it was nice to just have a few hours of no chatting, no phone, just admiring the surroundings.


We finished the weekend off with a day at La Guerite, a beach bar and restaurant a short boat ride away on a tiny island.


The views were incredible and it was a day of pure luxury. They had the most amazing shop selling cute beach dresses, bags and shoes etc. My husband treated me to a really nice summer bag. I’ve been wanting a straw bag for ages so when I saw this I loved it.


I didn’t want to come home except I missed the kids like mad and we still have a building site waiting for us to complete. 

Just a few days is sometimes all you need to recharge and clear your mind. I’m thinking that I need a few more days away this summer though, 3 days isn’t long enough. I’ll be googling holidays I think so I can squeeze something else in whilst the kids are off school. I’m thinking waterslides and Cabaret entertainment though for this one!