Nina Nesbitt: Loyal To Me

I'm so excited that the new music video by Nina Nesbitt is out, Loyal To Me, which I recently worked on! Nina is a client of mine and I absolutely adore working with her because she is such a beautiful person as well as being stunning looking and having a super easy face to paint. The video was based around a ballet dance theme so the makeup had to be soft, natural and we like to use an inspiration from the colours in the palette which were nudes, pinks and very pale colours. 

The makeup being very soft I used really lightweight products and neutral tones and made sure that everything I used lasted all day because music videos are such long hours that you want to put the makeup on in the morning and make sure it's still there for the last shot at night. 

I used the NARS tinted moisturiser on Nina's skin and created contour and highlight on the face using Mac Pro face palette: illuminate . The eyes had a wash of pink as did the lips and we used Bumble and Bumble surf spray to create a loose, wavy texture in Nina's hair. 

Make sure you check out the video: LoyalToMeFa

Cassie Lomas Nina Nesbitt