Dewy Skin Trend

The ultra-dewy look is currently trending with everyone. From runway models to bloggers, celebs to girls on a night out, we are all emulating this sheeny glowing skin. Summer may be over but the desire to create a face that’s luminous and healthy-looking with a golden shine is still at an all time high. Thank goodness because I’m not quite ready for winter or matte just yet.

Dewy Skin Trend Cassie Lomas Makeup Academy

The best way to get that natural, youthful look is really simple and easily achievable in just a few steps:

1) The most important step is the first: Skin Health. For the dewy skin trend start with the basics before applying any product. It sounds so cliche but I know it’s a big deal breaker..... keeping the skin hydrated by drinking plenty of water is always very important. This is followed by ensuring you cleanse, tone, moisturise and exfoliate (if needed) daily, as any makeup products you apply will sit on the skin so it should be in its best condition for this trend.

2) Choosing the right products is key. One of my favourite steps to achieve glowing skin is mixing a face treatment oil with a pigment for that extra shimmering glow. I tend to opt for Clarins Face Treatment Oil (a great product for remedying dull, dry skin) and use my own pigment in either Supermodel Sheen for paler skin, Shine On for a more golden skin tone and #itsthem for a deeper skin tone . Both are from my B. Range. Blend the two together and apply with your fingertips or use my Roxie brush all over the face. This can be used instead of a moisturiser.

If it’s a more natural sheen then choose a really hydrating moisturiser like Bobbi Brown Face base. This is my new must have, I literally love it!

3) Prime for more glow and staying power. A radiance primer will enhance your glowy makeup and create a luxuriously fresh base . Apply the primer all over your skin after moisturising , I use my hubby brush from my range as it is the perfect tool for adding product to the skin and it staying where you put it. Here are some of my favourite radiance primers:

4) A tinted moisturiser is a great way to even out the skin tone whilst keeping it moisturised and glowing. To avoid buying various bases make your own by mixing your usual foundation with my sheer liquid illuminator to give a soft subtle shine and colour in one go.

5) To finish the dewy skin look accentuate your cheekbones, cupid’s bow and inner corner of your eye using a highlighter. Again my pigments are perfect for this and you can dust them straight onto a dewy skin for a beautiful high shine. Choose the  same colour you used in the oil step above. 

Avoid powder for this look and just add finishing touches.

A pop of colour on the cheeks such as Daniel Sandler ‘Golden Glow’ watercolour blush. This gives the most amazing golden, shimmery colour. Then fix your brows in place with a clear brow gel, apply only a few layers of mascara and keep your lips simple with either a tinted lip oil or a lip balm. I love the Clarins ones, they’re gorgeous. 

If it’s all glowy with no powder you want to set your makeup with a setting spray to avoid it sliding off! Everyone has their own opinion on which is the best but keep calling in to see which are my faves. I’ll be uploading it on the blog soon!

Let me know how you get on with the dewy skin look in the comments below!