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Pro Palettes

I love a good eye shadow palette, it just saves so much faffing about for me to have all my colours in one place.

I don't always have to have high end luxury eye-shadows because high street can be just as good and I am loving the British Beauty Bloggers collaboration with Makeup Revolution in her Fortune for the Brave palette. It has such a good range of shades and none of those pointless ones that you'll never use. I love it that much that I've added it to my student kits because it covers all bases. That's something I always find hard to find in a palette so hands up to this one!

£9.99 available at  Superdrug

£9.99 available at Superdrug

As an everyday palette I can highly recommend the Laura Mercier......

I love the soft shades and the pay off is just perfect. It provides for those who want a soft natural look and also has the darker tones to move into the evening without needing another palette. This is one my handbag can't live without.

£45 available at  Space.NK

£45 available at Space.NK

I really love the new range The Estée Edit. It's like a younger version of Estée Lauder with more one trend colours for the younger generation. One of my favourite pieces is the Kendal Jenner palette. It's a mix between day and glam for the girls who like a bit of glamour in their look. The packaging is so cute too, it adds fun into your makeup bag.

£36 available at Selfridges

£36 available at Selfridges

Top tip!

Pack on colour with Jamie, my flat stiff eye shadow brush or build up colour with Bowie, a soft blending brush.

Soften any edges using Sissy!

All available at


Cassie x

Weekend Glam

It's the weekend so time to get glammed up!

Here are some of my essentials......

Make up has to last the whole night when you're partying so a great foundation is essential. I am yet to find one that stays on the skin as well as oxygenetix. The staying power is incredible! I like to mix mine with the Nars liquid bronzer, another must have, for a glowy finish.

£26.50 available at  NARS

£26.50 available at NARS

Apply with a stiff but blendable brush- Roxie from my range gets it spot on!

£24 available from

£24 available from

Who doesn't love a bit of contouring- after all the weekend is when we look out best.

The Rodial Contouring Powder is lovely! The tones are quite flat which means you get a more believable contour and it gives definition in the right places. It's so hard getting the tone of a contour powder right but Rodial have mastered it.

£52.00 available at  Rodial

£52.00 available at Rodial

Lashes set off your eyes, whether they be natural or full on flutter.

I'm a big fan of Ardell Demi Wispies and the natural lash style too. Just make sure you trim them to size so they don't pull your eyes down. The shorter ends go on the inside of the eyes and they fan out to the longer ends on the outer corner. 

£3.49 available at  Superdrug

£3.49 available at Superdrug

Give your lashes a curl first. I have the B. Eyelash curlers which are great! After apply the lashes, then blend into your natural lash with mascara afterwards.

£3.32 available at  Superdrug

£3.32 available at Superdrug

I like lip colours that are easy to apply and low maintenance so I was so happy when the Rodial Lip Suede landed on my desk this week. The colour and texture are great, natural yet glam. It's a quick crayon and you're ready!

£22 available at  Rodial

£22 available at Rodial

A little insider tip to top off your look is the kryolan makeup fixing mist. Everyone wants a makeup that doesn't budge so this professional product is worth investing in. Spray at a distance over your face and it washes off easily with warm water.

£23.50 available at

£23.50 available at

Party hard and don't forget to wash it all away before bed time. My new must have is the B. Stubborn Makeup Remover available from Superdrug. It's great because it's gentle and doesn't leave a greasy residue. One wipe and you're fresh as a daisy.

£3.95 available at  Superdrug

£3.95 available at Superdrug

Cassie x

Celebs are loving the Cassie Lomas Makeup Brushes!!

The launch of my brushes has been so exciting! They've so far been written about by Michelle Keegan on her Hello Magazine Blog and The British Beauty Blogger on her hugely successful blog too. I also have a few celebrity fans from Coleen Rooney to Jenny Frost and Cath Tyldesley from Coronation Street as well of course as my little sister Charley Webb from Emmerdale who has a selection of the brushes named after her and my gorgeous nephews Buster and Bowie. Check it out below and be sure to visit my shop!

Cassie x