the academy

 Opened in 2010, CLMA is a high end, fashion Makeup school, teaching at the 5* standard everyone should have access to. 

The aim has always been to help mould & nurture careers of aspiring Makeup Artists who want a professional career in the industry with the advice of someone who has experienced the hard work and dedication it takes.

Cassie shares her expertise & knowledge and gives her students ongoing help after they graduate to help them make it in this industry.


Cassie Lomas Makeup Academy


next course: 5 FEB 2018

(course funding options available)

Geared toward those who would like a career in TV, Fashion, Music, Online or the entertainment industry including celebrities. We teach everything that you need to know, from Fashion Makeup Hairstyling course as well as a Special FX module.


Fashion Makeup | 8 weeks

next course: 21 may 2018

(course funding options available)

This course is aimed at those who want a career in fashion make up. The intensive course will explore all areas needed to be a successful, fully trained Makeup Artist. We will teach not only skills in make up but we will also look at the business side


Bridal & Occasion Makeup | 2 weeks 

next course: 22 jan 2018

(course fundng options available)

This intensive course is a great introduction into Makeup Artistry, teaching the basics of Makeup, starting with a Natural Day Make Up going into Smokey Eye Evening looks. Learn application and blending techniques to get these looks



Finishing School | 1 week 

next course: 3 sep 2018

A bespoke course aimed at trained Makeup Artists who may or may not be already working in the industry, but who feel like they could learn more and wish they had trained at CLMA. We determine the levels of each artist & work their skills.


hair styling | 2 weeks

next course: 16 jul 2018

This course is aimed at Makeup Artists who want to be able to do hair styling as part of their service. In the freelance industry, particularly in the North West, you will limit yourself and the jobs you can get if you are unable to do hair.