Cream or Powder Makeup - Which is better?

It’s no secret that cream makeup products have taken the beauty world by storm, particularly when it comes to getting that Summer glow. But that’s not to say we’re dismissing powder products here! They’re completely different to each other but both have great qualities for different reasons.

Mac Mineralise Bronzer - An oldie but goodie               Glossier Cloud Paints - Our fave cream blusher 

If you want to achieve that gorgeous summer glow that makes you look like you’ve just spent two weeks in St.Tropez, then cream products are definitely for you. They’re super easy to work with, quite subtle in coverage, buildable and great for someone with drier or more mature skin, as they don’t tend to sit in fine lines or enlarge pores like powder can. However, cream products aren’t necessarily long lasting, and can be a nightmare if you have oily skin. Powder products are great for this and can really give you a flawless, velvety finish. Powders tend to last a lot longer than cream products so are great if you’re after a makeup that will stay all day. If you want the best of both worlds you could try using a cream bronzer or blusher and layering a powder bronzer or blusher over the top just to set it or add more pigment to stay a lot longer.

Brushes are perfect to use for both powder and cream products as they’re both so easy to blend and work with. Our Polly brush is the perfect shape and size to use for bronzer or blush as you can really sculpting those cheekbones without overdoing it on the product. Or you could try a more intense look by using our Emmy brush, which is a bit stiffer in texture but still soft, perfect for packing a cream contour into the hollows of the cheeks.

'Polly' Brush
                                                                                      'Emmy' Brush


The great thing about the CL range is that all our brushes can be used for both cream and powder.

Shop our brush range at now and see if your team cream or powder, or like most of us in the office, a bit of both!