Hooded eyes: How to tackle eyeshadow on hooded eyes

Eye makeup for hooded eyes is frequently requested by many followers so here it is! Usually people with hooded eyes, referring to the excess skin above the lash line but below the brow bone giving the appearance of smaller looking eyes, find it difficult to apply eye makeup without making the eye look even smaller. This is a simple step-by-step on how to achieve larger looking eyes for a hooded eye. 

 Step 1: Firstly, you want to feel for the socket. When the eye is closed, this is usually halfway between the lash-line and the brow bone. If you have a hooded eye, the excess skin hides the definition from the socket so want to bring that back through shading. 

Step 2: The most important part of applying eye shadow is the using the right brush, for this we recommend the Buster brush. It is slightly pointed but really nice and soft to blend colour across the socket line as too much product on the brush can be where it starts to go wrong. 

Buster crease blender brush


Step 3: Take the Buster brush, and swirl this into a bronzer or bronze shade on its tip and then tap off the excess onto the back of the hand. 

Step 4: Look into your mirror straight on, it is important to keep your eyes open! Take the brush from the outer corner of the eye and position this slightly above your lash line. 

Sweep the brush back and forth with light movements, this will add definition and create the socket line that isn't visible. 

Step 5: As you continue to use more product to create the definition, naturally your outer corner will become darker than the rest of the eye - generally we like to lift the eye, so if you have a collection of product towards outer corner of the eye this gives the illusion that the eye is slightly lifted. 

Step 6: If you feel like you want the socket line / shading to be slightly higher, use circular motions to buff the product up towards to the brow line. Usually you wouldn't take this much higher than where the natural socket line is. Ensure this is nice and blended, using soft motions. 

Step 7: Using a lighter colour, cover the eye lid under your bronze shade, sweep left to right. When using a lighter colour, this gives an illusion that an area is larger than it appears. As hooded eyes appear small, you need a contrast of a lighter and darker shade to make them seem larger and more lifted than they are. 

To watch my full tutorial, head over to my instagram or to shop the Buster brush to get a perfectly blended eye! Tag our instagram @cassielomasmakeup in your recreations!