Undertones: How to find your perfect match

Undertones can be a bit of a puzzle if you're new to makeup. Imagine finding the perfect product for you, it's got the right formula, texture and colour... then you try it on, and everything goes out the window because the undertone just isn't a match! Then you notice the dreaded 3 words, cool, neutral & warm and they throw you off completely!

Bear in mind that these aren't just relevant for finding the right foundation, but for blush, concealer and lipstick too. We'll run down how to find your perfect shade of foundation and this can be applied to pretty much any other makeup product when looking at different shades. 


So, What Are Undertones?

Cool Undertones - These are usually associated with skin that has hints of pinks or blue. If you've got cool undertones you should have bluer veins rather than green. You also might have cool undertones if you usually gravitate towards silver jewellery. Colours in makeup products that suit you would be Bluer-reds, Pinks and Purples.

Neutral Undertones - If you've got neutral undertones, then lucky you because you suit both cool and warm complementary colours! You can wear a mixture of silver and gold jewellery and usually have a blue/green colour when looking at your veins.

Warm Undertones - These are usually associated with skin that has hints of yellow, peach or golden tones. People that have warm undertones usually tan easily in the sun, going a golden colour. Gold jewellery is usually a go-to for people with warmer undertones. Complimentary colours are orange-based reds, corals and golds.

One thing to remember about undertones is that it doesn't matter about the depth of your skin tone. The fairest of skin can still have a warm undertone and the same with deeper skin tones, they can still have cool undertones.

 Now you know all about undertones and how to find out which one you fall under, you should be able to find your perfect match with foundation, or the best new shade of lipstick. The next time you're at a beauty counter try and see if you can guess what shade would be for you, get a tiny sample and swipe it on your chin and see if it matches up with the rest of your face and neck. If you get stuck, you can always ask the sales assistant that's working on that counter. 

When shopping for makeup online things can get tricky. If you have a brand and shade of foundation that matches you perfectly then a great website to use is Findation.com. This is a great platform for finding the right shade of foundation for you in different brands, based on a brand and shade you already have and know matches you well!

Getting the right application also always helps when trying to perfect your base, check out the Cassie Lomas Range's Face Brushes here.