Makeup Artist Brush Sets By Cassie Lomas

Here at CL Range we have designed some incredible sets, to meet all of your makeup needs.

Cassie Essentials Makeup Brush Set - £82.00

Cassie's favourite brushes, this selection of brushes will help you to achieve a professional finish from the comfort of your own home.

cassie essentials

Mature Makeup Set - £49.00

Our mature makeup set is perfect for anyone wanting to master their own makeup, each brush is multi-use and designed with easy use in mind.

mature makeup brush set

The Basics Makeup Set - £41.00

Our basics makeup set is a go to for anyone who wants to keep it simple with a flawless application.

basic brush set

The Contour Makeup Brush Set - £36.00

Here at CL so many of our clients struggle with contouring, the contour set makes the daunting world of at home contouring easy and enjoyable.

contour set

The Teen Makeup Brush Set - £47.00

Looking for a great starter makeup brush set for your teens? Great brushes make a great present.

teen makeup set

The Flawless Face Set - £36.00

Create a flawless finish with this handpicked face makeup brush set. See more options

flawless face set

The Eye Blender Set - £64.00

Eyeshadow can be a mine-field but the most important element of eyeshadow is blending. The CL Eyeshadow brush set allows for effortless, seamless blending.

eyeshadow blending set

The Makeup Artistry Pro Set - £61.00

All the extra fiddly brushes you need for being a Makeup Artist now in one set. Grab an extra 25% discount across all brushes by submitting your qualifications.

artistry pro set

The Complete Makeup Brush Set - £400.00

We know what you're thinking, I need every one of these amazing brushes in my makeup brush set. Look no further than our complete makeup brush set!