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How To

Your new shiny Makeup Brushes have arrived, you know exactly how to care for your brushes and the best way to store them, but do you know how to use them? 

Our how to page is here to help you get the best from your new Makeup Brushes. We are always asked, which makeup brushes are best for beginners? The difference between cheap and expensive makeup brushes?

Can your makeup brushes cause acne and what are the most important makeup brushes to have? 

Here at CL Range we are dedicated to educating our customers as well as providing affordable, sustainable, incredible Makeup Brushes. 

Do Makeup brushes cause Acne?

Its true, your brushes can cause breakouts, but only if you don't clean them correctly.

Wash your personal brushes every two weeks with warm water and washing up liquid, leave to airdry.

Professional brushes MUST be washed after every use.


How to perfect a smokey eye on mature skin? 

What are the best brushes for contour?

We always recommend keeping it simple, especially when it comes to contour.

These three handpicked brushes will do all the work for you. Emmy for cream contour, Kiki to highlight and Polly to finish with powder.

The contour set - £35

The best way to use brow brushes? 

How long should my makeup brushes last?

If you invest well in your makeup brushes they can last a lifetime. Our handy brush care page can tell you exactly how to keep your brushes in tip top condition

The best makeup brush for Concealer 


What are the best makeup brushes for beginners?

The best Makeup Brush set for beginners is the CL Range basics set. Helen, Bowie, Charl & Indie make a great team for any beginners makeup bag.


Cassie Lomas Makeup Brush Sets are designed for every makeup application technique, from buffing, contouring, blending, setting and body painting. All handmade in the UK and are cruelty-free. Brush sets are a great way to start building on your makeup brush collection or simply adding it. We stock a range of brush sets, including face brushes.

With so many different brushes to choose from, sometimes you just need a collection of the correct makeup brushes chosen by a professional for you to create your desired look. Whether that be to do an immaculate smokey eye, flawlessly apply your foundation, or contour your face. Makeup brush sets are the perfect choice as the hard work is done for you.

Cassie Lomas Makeup Brushes are luxurious in design, with a soft, minimal feel that provides a light application that you can build on. They have long handles to ensure the correct pressure and detail when applying, creating a professional finish every time.